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what is my personal injury case worth and how long will it take?

A car accident settlement depends on many factors, therefore there is no set formula that can be given for calculating one’s personal injury settlement.

However, in the past, the cases have shown the greater the damage on the car, the greater the personal injuries, and therefore the greater the value of the case.

But this brings up another issue, which is payment.

A person can be involved in a very serious car accident resulting in a total loss (total damage) of the car, serious injuries, which require surgeries, and have a case which is worth millions of dollars.

The problem arises when the injured party tries to collect the money from the party who caused the accident, and that party either has a very low car insurance policy or not enough assets to cover the value of the case.

That being said, the average personal injury settlement for our lawyers for the past 4 years has been between $10,000 to $228,000, which is more than 3 times the amount of other attorneys practicing in California.

In addition, it took our attorneys on average 8 months to settle a case, which is almost 2 times as fast as other attorneys practicing in California.

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