Hundreds of thousands of people are involved in traffic accidents every year, and millions more file car accident litigation to recover damages for their injuries and property loss. In general, being able to prove two things in a personal injury lawsuit is normally dependent on being able to prove two things: damages (including lost wages and emotional damages) and liability/negligence.

Do not settle with the insurance companies before speaking with a licensed personal injury attorney in your state!

Insurance firms are equipped to pay out as little as possible, so understanding your choice is always in your best interest. Every lawyer in our network provides a free initial consultation, so you have nothing to lose by talking about your options and determining whether or not filing a complaint for your injuries is worthwhile.

Working with a car accident lawyer will help ensure that insurance firms, who are qualified and paid to pay you as little as possible, do not pressurize or threaten you into accepting a low-ball car accident payout deal. A good personal injury lawyer will help you get more compensation in auto accident cases by maximizing your demand for lost earnings, medical costs and continuing care, and pain and suffering.

In general, in order to win any future injury lawsuit, you must be able to claim the following: the harm suffered, as well as any potential loss of income or emotional damages. Since most personal injury lawyers have free consulting and operate on a contingency fee basis, speaking with one to see whether they can assist you with a car accident settlement is generally a good idea.

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