uber/lyft Accident

Understanding the extent of the injured person’s “damages,” which is a legal term that applies to compensation for injuries incurred by that person, is the first step in assessing the value of a rideshare passenger’s injury claim, as it is in any injury-related event. In traffic accident cases, the defendant (or, more frequently, the defendant’s insurance company) pays the damages.

It’s important to remember that in these types of situations, it’s not always obvious who holds ultimate financial responsibility: Uber and Lyft’s liability or uninsured motorist insurance coverage, the rideshare driver (whose personal car insurance policy usually won’t cover an accident that happens after a passenger has been picked up), or the passenger.

However, regardless of whether the rideshare passenger accident lawsuit settles out of court or you get a favorable verdict following a trial, the money you receive is called damages.

When you file a claim for injuries suffered in a rideshare vehicle crash, you’re not only asking the defendant (usually through an insurance company) to pay you for your losses, but you’re also agreeing to keep those losses to a bare minimum.

For example, if the Uber/Lyft driver (or the rideshare company through its insurer) would successfully claim that you neglected to seek necessary medical attention within a reasonable period after the car crash, and that your injuries worsened as a result of the delay, your damages payout could be substantially diminished. This is just one of the many reasons why you should hire an accomplished attorney.

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